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As an athlete, you are your own brand and in the world of sports, it can be very challenging for an aspiring professional athlete, or even a well-seasoned one, to stand out from the crowd. In order to capitalise on your successes, you’ll need to develop a powerful personal brand and then market it.

At Agency X we specialise in training and supporting athletes in developing a strong personal brand that will gain the attention of not only fans and followers but businesses and organisations willing to invest in them through commercial opportunities and partnerships.


We work closely with athletes to build on their current influence and network while aligning these with their personal long-term goals, interests and business ventures.


We are founded on the belief that you need to have the right people supporting you to achieve your maximum potential. Our relationships with our clients are built on trust and are professional as well as transparent. So you can rest assured we’ll always have your best interests in mind and will work with you to grow & maximise your opportunities.




We assist you to develop your unique personal brand. Giving you the knowledge to extend your career and access long-term pathways and greater commercial opportunities.



We develop strong relationships with our athletes, maintaining complete transparency and open communication. We work collaboratively to maximise potential and provide the most beneficial outcomes.


We teach you the tools to source opportunities, and provide you with the support to ensure that they are aligned with your brand and maximise your long term potential.




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The most successful athletes in the world have all developed their own unique brands, including the development of personalised logos and websites. We can assist you in developing your personalised brand.

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We assist athletes with all of their marketing requirements, including:

  • Website development and management

  • Graphic design and video content

  • Social media management and strategy assistance

  • Development of social bio content

  • PR and media engagements

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Too often athletes are not paid their true value when committing to sponsorships and endorsements. We assist you to negotiate your opportunities ensuring you and your brand are always protected and that you receive maximum value for every engagement. 

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Agency X offers Australia's only athlete branding training developed by brand and marketing industry experts and professional athletes. This ensures our athletes receive the most comprehensive insights and learning, providing for real outcomes to assist you in developing your personal brand.

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Agency X Talent provides another platform for athletes to source and secure commercial opportunities such as influencer campaigns, sponsorships and endorsements, appearances and brand marketing campaigns.


Developing a strong personal brand is a long-term commitment, but done right, will ensure that you are in a good position to maximise your commercial value as an athlete and create longer-term post career opportunities. There is significant power behind understanding how to leverage off your personal brand to source greater commercial opportunities and extend the lifetime of your athlete brand post career. Getting started early will give you a competitive edge and set you up with a strong and credible identity during and post-career.


Athletes will attract the right audiences and commercial opportunities when they can effectively promote and grow their personal brand. Whether this be an interest in real estate, owning a clothing label or fitness business, with the right tools and people behind you, you can create a successful, standalone brand that doesn’t depend on your athletic ability or achievements. With industries aggressively competing for consumer attention, athlete influence has become a powerful method of making a brand or product stand out in the marketplace.


We assist athletes to develop a unique personal brand, guiding them on their journey to increase their exposure, influence and value to businesses as ambassadors, sponsors or partners, and identify additional business and commercial opportunities.

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Our growing client base covers a wide variety of athletes across a range of sports, varying levels in their careers and each with unique goals & motivations. From Olympians, State of Origin Greats, Commonwealth Swimmers, Former and Current Socceroos, Championship winners and more.


We work with athletes from all stages in their career whether that be during or post-sporting career. Our current clients have a wide range of specific goals they’re looking to achieve with us, ranging from increasing their reach and engagement with fans, to building their personal business exposure, securing endorsement deals and more.



Professional Footballer

Agency X presented me with a precise plan moving forward and very quickly built me a personal website.


Already the team have organised promotional work and appearances in the most professional manner. Looking forward to the future with Agency X.

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