The Agency X network specialises in talent representation and management, personal brand management and marketing, sponsorships, endorsements, education and training.


Drawing from years of experience in digital and traditional marketing, technology, media, entertainment and business we are able to provide our clients with innovative solutions to engage with brands, fans, customers, and sponsors.


Our mission is to ensure our clients realise their full potential, and exponentially increase their reach, influence and earning power. We value long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and are genuinely vested in the success of our clients.


Our point of distinction is that we are a combination of professional athletes as well as experienced and qualified marketers. We truly appreciate the athlete and corporate worlds having had experience operating at the highest levels in both.


Carlie Green-Medina, Director, Agency X

Carlie is an internationally experienced General Manager of Marketing and Digital Marketing. In her corporate career, she has held senior executive positions with major brands Caesars Entertainment, Star Entertainment Group and City Beach Australia.


Carlie launched Agency X in September 2017, having worked with athletes and celebrities for over 10+ years securing events, speaking engagements, entertainment deals, sponsorship, and endorsements. She saw first hand the significant opportunities for high profile individuals to maximise their brand profiles and lengthen their career and earning potential.


A highly experienced brand marketer, she understands what it takes to build and manage a brand, and is highly skilled at identifying how brands can optimise partnerships with athletes to drive business results.

Founding Director


Lee image.png

Lee is a retired professional cricketer and reality TV Survivor. He has been non-stop since retiring as a professional athlete from completing a Double Master’s degree to co-founding a start-up drone media business.


Additionally, establishing himself as a public speaker and successfully securing multiple media roles, including his current work as a lifestyle presenter for Qld Weekender. An in-demand Brand Ambassador he has worked for brands including Holden, Jockey Underwear and Fitstop.

Giving back to his sport, cricket he is also currently the Past Player Representative for the Australian Cricketers Associations (ACA).

Lee’s experience as a professional athlete and his successful transition into a post sporting career provides Agency X athletes, clubs and brands with invaluable insight and knowledge gained through his career and business experience.


Working closely with Agency X clients Lee is focused on providing holistic Player Management for our Agency X Talent athletes and brand content development for Clubs and Brands.



Isaka Cernak, Agency X, Footballer

As an experienced professional footballer with over 8 years of experience in the A-League, Isaka has an in depth understanding of the nature of the sporting environment

Isaka's understanding of the sports industry combined with his experience as an athlete allows him to see first hand the benefits to athletes of building their brands, and how to commercialise additional opportunities available for professional athletes.


A vast network of athlete and club connections along with Isaka's ability to identify marketing opportunities for athletes and commercial businesses provides our team with the insight to be able to identify key areas for learning that will benefit an athlete, club or brand.

Athlete Engagement & Partnerships Manager




Our close client relationships are built on a solid foundation of trust, honesty & transparency. We believe in open communication and collaboration with our clients, ensuring needs are not only met but exceeded by achieving the best possible outcome for our athletes, Clubs, associations and brands that we work with.


Our teams combined experience across multiple industries mean that we’re able to provide our clients with a wide scope of marketing, digital and creative solutions. Our networks and connections across the sports marketing industry, give us key insights into an athlete mindset and assist us in developing unique strategies specifically for sports marketing. 


Our team hold recognized Australian and International qualifications and accreditations across Business, Marketing, Digital Media, PR and Communications. Our unique combination of knowledge in the sports marketing industry mean that our solutions are developed to the highest standard and suitable for this highly-engaged and ever-changing industry.


We are dedicated to providing all clients with personalised & ongoing one-on-one support. We are always available to any of our clients, ready to hit the ground running regardless of the time or day. We work closely & collaboratively with our clients to ensure we are working towards the same goals and delivering consistently successful outcomes that will set them up for the long term.