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The Commercial Athlete

The Commercial Athlete Program 1:1 - Designed for Athletes


Your opportunities as a professional athlete are almost unlimited, with the potential to create additional revenue streams through endorsements, sponsorships, partnerships and investments. However, your time to maximise is limited... by having a strategic plan and effectively managing your athlete brand, you can ensure that you elevate your brand to the max.

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Use your athlete profile to attract the right people to engage with.

  • Identify your personal values and goals

  • Identify what makes you unique

  • Using your core values to create your brand

  • Clarify how your brand can drive your short and long term career goals

  • Establish your personal positioning statement and how to use it to attract the opportunities you desire

  • Identify potential career pathways

Managing Your Brand Is About How You...



Build a brand, that aligns to your values and achieves your goals.

  • Developing and implementing a social media strategy

  • Effectively using your social media and online profile

  • Working with the media to tell your story

  • Learn how to maximise the opportunities  available in your network

  • How to collaborate with your club marketing and player associations



Ensure that you are maximising every avenue to maximise your income and opportunities. 

  • How to engage brands and sponsors

  • Activating your network of influencers

  • Identify potential additional revenue streams/opportunities

  • Creating post career opportunities

The Commercial Athlete



Athlete Program

Our programs are for athletes who are willing to commit to work one-one-one with Agency X Director Carlie for the length of their program. ​

This program provides you with direct access to Carlie and the Agency X Team, with a series of strategic planning sessions to achieve your goals, and assistance on execution through to development of initiatives.

You'll also receive

  • A current brand assessment

  • 12 month brand strategy

  • Written social profiles and summaries

  • Personal brand booklet and guide

  • Access to The Commercial Athlete LinkedIn Group

Our Programs


This program is delivered over two (2) sessions, providing you with a 12 month road map to execute and begin tapping into your personal athletic brand.


This three (3) month program is an extension of the Foundations program, providing in-depth coaching with an ongoing experiential component to ensure that the strategies and skills introduced are implemented.


This program provides monthly coaching following completion of the Implementer program. 

Includes additional marketing support as required, depending on your unique goals.


This is if you have specific requirements that you need assistance with, either as a short term consult or longer term management.




Carlie Green-Medina is one of Australia’s most knowledgeable and inspiring athlete brand and marketing experts.

Her marketing and leadership experience working with billion-dollar brands, professional athletes and entertainers never fails to enlighten, motivate, and inspire athletes to be more and achieve more with their careers.

With over 15 years’ experience in marketing and branding, she provides an unprecedented level of experience and knowledge to athletes and the Australian sports industry.

Carlie has helped over 100 athletes to build their personal brand, use the media and social media to build their athlete profiles and establish commercial opportunities, and most importantly inspiring them to act now.

Carlie is passionate about seeing athletes maximise their opportunities within and outside of their sport. She shares her personal insights and vast experience to help athletes.

With every interaction, she aims to provide athletes with useful insights, specific skills and knowledge that will assist them in succeeding in sport, business and life.

Easy to work with, Carlie is a professional, who provides inspiration and practical skills that every athlete can implement straight away.

Carlie Green Medina

I absolutely loved the Commercial Athlete Workshop.

Carlie shared achievable and clear ways to help build both our sport and myself as an individual on and off the field.

This is definitely a workshop I would suggest both junior and senior athletes to get involved in, particularly if you wish to leave a meaningful legacy in your field.


Amy Lawton

Australian Hockeyroo


Amy Lawton
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