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Ashleigh Sims
  • Ashleigh Sims

    Professional boxer, model, entrepreneur, mother & wife who burst onto the national boxing scene after 'one of the best female wars ever seen' in a ring.

    There aren’t many athletes who exploded onto the professional sporting scene like this!


    Former full-time model Ashleigh Sims entered the world of professional boxing not long after she found her love of the sport… and WOW, did she come out swinging!


    Ash’s debut fight in 2022 against Shanell Dargan left viewers astonished, with both competitors exchanging a stunning barrage of blows across four two-minutes rounds of mayhem. Viewers and commentators alike heralded Ash’s debut performance, with legendary boxing commentator Barry Michael declaring the bout one of the best women’s fights he had ever seen.


    Ash has since gained significant notoriety for her performance, and hopes that she can carry this momentum to even greater heights, whilst inspiring many fans on the way.


    While tenacious inside the ring, Ashleigh balances life outside as a loving mother to her two kids and husband Tariq. She is the proud owner of Asriq, a luxury body oil and perfume brand inspired by her experiences in Egypt and the love she has for the country’s rich history, breathtaking fragrances, and opulent way of life. With her intriguing mix of beauty, fitness and tenacity, Ash is a star on the rise!

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