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Shayna Jack
  • Shayna Jack

    Four-time Commonwealth Games medallist, World Champion & World-Record Holder with an incredible comeback story after facing significant career challenges.

    Shayna Jack is a Commonwealth Games gold medalist, World champion & World-Record holder, with an incredible story of resilience and determination.


    Fortunate to enjoy a reputation as someone who is positive and genuinely upbeat in her approach to life and sport, Shayna’s aim has always been to engage and interact in a fun and engaging manner with everyone she meets. She has become acutely aware of the impact she has as a high-profile swimmer and representative of Australia, taking her responsibility to the sport seriously with her deep-rooted desire to positively impact everyone that crosses her path.


    Shayna has been presented with significant challenges during her swimming career. In 2019, she was accused of using a performance enhancing substance. Despite knowing she did not use the substance, this seismic result turned Shayna’s world upside down and pitchforked her into an unknown world of lawyers, politics and machinations. Throughout this process, Shayna learnt that her individuality was her strength, and her unbridled passion for swimming would not be defeated despite the significant hurdles she faced. Her message became that honesty and the trust will always prevail, and that these pillars should never be comprised no matter the circumstances.


    These challenges have equipped Shayna with the necessary skills to mentor and teach the next generation, hoping that her own journey can reaffirm the undeniable value of positive mental health and the strength of a positive mind. Shayna looks forward to sharing the strategies and practices that supported her through her own trials and tribulations, with other athletes no matter how big or small their challenges or goals are.


    In 2022, Shayna was back! Securing a gold, silver and bronze medal at the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. In 2023, Shayna made even bigger waves, winning three gold, two silver, and helping Australia set three new world-record times at the 2023 World Swimming Championships.


    Now, Shayna’s eyes are firmly set on the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the epitome of the swimming world!

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