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Tips on How to Build an Athlete LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is a social media platform with a professional twist, providing users with the tools to create an online portfolio that creates endless brand opportunities. If utilised properly, LinkedIn is an effective way to build awareness around your athlete brand.

Like most social media platforms, a LinkedIn page is easy to set-up, but for our athletes we have a few tips to help you build a better and more efficient profile:

1. Keep your profile PROFESSIONAL – LinkedIn is an ideal platform to seek business opportunity, so unlike your other social media profiles, keep this profile creative and professional.

2. Spend TIME on your profile template – make sure you give brands a genuine description of yourself and find an epic profile picture that best represents you. Remember to list all of your accolades, achievements, ventures, projects and hobbies; don’t sell yourself short! We recommend referring to yourself in third-person (“John is a…”) rather than first-person (“I am a…”) to maintain a level of professionalism.

3. Brands want to see YOU – so stay true to your personality and show your true colours. This will captivate brands that reflect your own persona, and deter those brands that you won’t be interested in.

4. Make sure you keep your profile UPDATED – quality content is important to keep your profile fresh and show brands that you are an active social media user. It doesn’t have to be every day, but like your IG or Twitter accounts, make a conscience effort to stay active online.

5. Try to use a VARIETY of content – versatility is a valuable trait that brands are always seeking. Use a variety of photos, videos, promotional and sponsorship material, articles and other forms of content to keep your profile exciting and fresh.

6. LINK your other social media pages – the first thing a brand will view after your LinkedIn will be your other social media pages (Instagram, twitter, etc.), so be sure to link your pages, and continue expanding your following on these platforms to show brands the massive audience that are interested in you.

7. Share your PAST work – once you’ve finished working for a particular brand, don’t hesitate to get a recommendation or testimonial. Brands love seeing how you can impact their brand, and nothing paints a clearer picture than a positive recommendation or testimonial.

8. Become an INSTIGATOR – if your page doesn’t take off like you hope, don’t stress. LinkedIn is a platform that allows both the brand and ambassador to contact each other, so don’t be afraid to find your favourite brands LinkedIn page, find a point of contact and instigate conversation.

Take full advantage of our key tips and watch your LinkedIn profile provide a steady flow of brand opportunities that maximise your potential as an ambassador. For more info or help, visit us at

Want assistance building or writing your LinkedIn profile? Speak to Agency X on how we can assist in building your LinkedIn page, enquire at

We also have packages available to update all of your social media profiles to ensure you have a strong athlete brand and are positioned to start attracting the right opportunities.



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