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Video Content – An Essential for Building Your Athlete Brand

Video is an extremely effective way to communicate your athlete brand. Videos are only becoming more popular, and they’re the type of content that’s most likely to get shared on social media.

Show Your Human Side

Why is this form of content so effective? Videos give you the chance to show your human side. The viewer can see your face and hear your tone of voice. Video allows you to make your message highly distinctive and personal, which is a huge advantage in branding.

Offer Your Fans Insight Into An Athletes Life

Your fans follow you because they love you and your sport, that want the behind the scenes insights and tips. All you must do is pick a good location, set up a camera or use your phone, and talk directly to the audience. Explain how to do things, share tips, and, wherever possible, show them how it’s done with demos and examples.

Share Your Story

A great way to use video for your athlete branding is to share your story. Make a video bio where you explain why you started you became an athlete and how you got to where you are today. Talk about the challenges you overcame and who helped you to achieve your dreams. Your fans and potential brand partners want to hear your story and it’ll work wonders for promoting what makes you unique.

Being an athlete is only part of your story, share what else you're passionate about in your life, and allow people to engage with at a different level.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton YouTube channel shows his off-field love for fashion & style.

Make Important Announcements

Whenever you have some exciting news, make a video to share it with your audience. Share news of moving teams, important team selections, big career moments, upcoming appearances etc. Announce a milestone you’ve finally achieved. Highlight big changes in your life. Your viewers will be able to see your enthusiasm and it’ll be infectious.

Answer Fan Questions

There are several ways you can leverage your fans and followers to create video content. One way is to read their questions “on the air.” Make videos where you take real questions you’ve gotten through email or social media and answer them for everyone. Another idea is to read viewer tweets or social media posts and comment on them.

Get Your Fans Involved

You can get your followers involved even more directly by inviting them to make their own videos, which you’ll then share with everyone. They can make testimonials about you, why you’re their favourite player, what they like about your achievements, what they think of your major announcements. This is valuable social proof. You don’t have to ask them for their ideas on your athletic performance they’re probably already telling you this 😊

Interview a Friend

Another idea for excellent video content is to interview a friend, athletes hang out with athletes, it’s a double bonus for your fans! This is an easy way to produce high-value content, and you can return the favour by appearing in their videos, thus creating a win-win.

Where to Share Your Video

Video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are hugely popular and rank highly in search engines. Create your own channel and encourage your fans to subscribe. They’ll get to know you, which will help spread your athlete brand and make you more appealing for brands and potential partners.

NBA player Stephen Curry created “5 Minutes from Home” which involves episodes where Curry brings guests into a vehicle while driving back home from a game, and they simply have conversations.

Since video content plays so well on social media, also post to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Each platform has its own guidelines for length, so make sure you know these ahead of time.

Video Content – Just Plug and Play

Video production doesn’t have to be elaborate. Once you’ve made a few simple videos, you’ll get the hang of it. The ideal video length is between 30 sec and two minutes. Get into a routine of posting video content regularly, and you’ll see a boost in your fan engagement and athlete brand.


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