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Why Athletes Should Work With A Sports Marketing Agency

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There are many attributes and skills that professional Athletes excel at however being in the public eye is not a skill they were required to master when they were selected for their sport. Public perception, reputation and ones personal branding can determine what other people think and believe about an Athlete.

Athletes who don’t control their personal brands with a strategy will find their reputation can impact potential commercial opportunities, relationships with their Club and long-term career opportunities.

Most successful Athletes who have a strong, recognisable personal brand have a team behind them, building the brand, guiding the strategy and providing them with the tools to maximise their potential. It has become essential for an Athlete to have a marketing agency working alongside them to assist with their public image, leveraging the media and marketing themselves.

Without direction and a strategy on how to work with the public, media and networks, it can be challenging to build a personal brand and ensure it’s always working to the Athlete's advantage. Athletes need a professional team behind them to monitor that their brand perception is in their favour, tracking the media and crafting a positive online presence.

Here are four reasons why Athletes benefit from working with a sports marketing agency and having a brand manager:

Public perception and reputation can be controlled.

Sometimes things can simply go wrong even with the best of intentions. Today our society is very outspoken and constantly evolving which can make it incredibly difficult to please everyone. It could have been an Athlete posting a poor political tweet, controversial news surfacing or a personal feud becoming public. Regardless, varying opinions and perceptions will circulate and can become damaging for an Athlete’s brand.

Unfortunately, most Athletes will experience a situation when they’ve upset a person, group or audience. Although it’s the response and reaction that determines how significantly these convictions affect their personal brand and overall reputation. Strategic and forthcoming marketing agencies already understand how to tackle these moments and manipulate them to protect the Athlete.

Experienced Brand Managers have seen it all and know the best ways to navigate difficult situations to ensure that any brand damage is mitigated or controlled. Sure, Athletes may be able to survive backlash or negative media stories on their own. Although with the help of professionals, they can trust that the mess is handled and get back to focusing on their sport.

They understand how to leverage the media and marketing platforms.

Social media and the online world are growing and evolving every day, which can make it a difficult area to master. Planning and controlling the media has become essential given that information can spread at the speed of lighting across an abundance of online channels. Those who are highly experienced with social media, publications and traditional media, understand how to use these platforms to their advantage.

Athletes can build a robust digital presence by sharing quality content, engaging with their audience and growing their reach. By doing this, they have a stronger voice and commercial presence that fans want to engage with. Promoting this element of public attention is valuable to an Athlete because it grows their personal brand and gives them a strong platform to attract commercial opportunities.

However, as powerful as being online can be it also comes with significant risk, this is why a team of experts is a safeguard for an Athlete since they can assist in controlling and maximising brand opportunities for the Athletes.

They are brand and marketing experts.

Athletes may have mastered their sport from five, ten, or twenty years of perfecting their skills and gaining experience. Which is precisely why Athletes or inexperienced business professionals aren’t the right people to be marketing an Athlete. Experienced brand marketers have perfected their skills from education, training and years of experience in the industry. Therefore, they are the most beneficial people for marketing an Athlete and assisting them to build their personal brands.

There have been countless examples of Athletes attempting to craft their own personal brand and market themselves. Unfortunately, the most successful Athletes have an experienced team behind them assisting them to navigate their commercial opportunities, social platforms, long-term pathways, business opportunities and more.

LeBron James, Maverick Carter, LeBron James Brand Manager,

LeBron James and the man behind the brand Maverick Carter.

Image Via George Pimentel | WireImage | Getty Images

They are the first line of defense and support.

When all else fails, it pays to have a trusted professional available to handle critical situations. Crisis management is a significant aspect of online reputation management, although often when the crisis has already escalated, it is too late for it to turn into a positive. Marketing agencies will assist Athletes to bury bad publicity and implement a plan going forward.

It’s also beneficial to have someone there to take care of difficult conversations like commercial negotiations and declining particular opportunities. Athletes often feel uncomfortable conducting these conversations themselves which can often result in them doing things because they didn’t know how to say no or for too cheap of a price then they’re worth. Marketing agencies have a lot of experience with these types of conversations and ultimately want to look out for the Athlete.

By working with a sports marketing agency and a brand manager, Athletes can access experienced professionals to assist them in managing their brand, building a strong online presence, controlling their reputation and avoiding adverse situations. A Brand Manager is there to continually work for the Athlete assisting them to develop their brand, solve problems and get them moving forward.


Agency X have experienced brand marketing experts who have built their knowledge and skills from over 20 years in the industry.

Contact us today if you want to discuss how we can assist you with your personal brand, reputation and online presence!

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